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We are Bitcoin Community

Bitcoin Meetups At the Embassy you will find comprehensive and dependable knowledge relating to Bitcoin and the entire crypto-currency ecosystem. A place, for all walks of local and global community: inquirers, users, developers, start ups, investors, entrepreneurs, media etc. Our space can take up to 50 people. We have our Bitcoin Cafe where you can have tea or dutch coffee while you talk and share latest news from the decentralized digital currencies world. We have our Bitcoin Box Shop with all the gadgets and security products to protect your bitcoin. We have our Bitcoin Restaurant where you can eat great Argentinian steak while you are watching the sunset at our mining rig. Of course you can pay with BTC too. Everyone is invited, information is free, we are driven by openness and clarity. We are not a ‘for profit’ organization, yet we serves as a facilitator/platform for bitcoin initiatives. We are official partner of the EMBASSY GLOBAL NETWORK.To The Moon!



The Bitcoin Embassy aims to provide guidelines about compliance with European laws when dealing with crypto-currencies.


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We are the first bitcoin embassy that use multiSig wallet. Our funds are decentralized now. Spending can be only done when 3-of-5 sign a transaction. The Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam is a location where the community and all the enthusiasts can meet and organize a variety of events and projects. You don't have to be a member to drop by and visit us to talk, ask questions and take part in all the activities. We have 8 tables for 50 people. You want to hang out at your own booked embassy table, become an Ambassador. If you are a coffee lover become a bitcoin embassy member and drink best coffee in the town, hungry the best Argentinian steaks are ready for you.

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Membership includes 1 LegerWalletNano to secure your bitcoin. You get massive 30% discount and save 15 euro. You will support bitcoin community projects.

6 Month membership: 35 euro

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By becoming an ambassador you are allowed to book one of the embassy tables via our calendar. Your photo will be place on our website and your private links.

Monthly membership: 15 euro

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If you pleased with our work and would like to present your business, we have prepared embassy rooms. We also have a shop with a quality display ready to sell your product.

Min: 500 euro

After you made your payment for selected membership above send Us email and we will activate it for you. Beware, if you want to stay anonymous member or ambassador, send your payment from a wallet that you control your private key, this way we can verify your payment when you visit us and we will set-up a date for issuing your bitcoin passport.

Become Ambassador and promote your Bitcoin projects on the Embassy website below

Meet The Citizens

Every Ambassador's photo will be placed here for a duration of the membership. Ambassadors can promote and write few words about themselves or about the projects they are working on. They can connect to all social media plug ins. Visiting Amsterdam? Presenting your Bitcoin business? Become an Ambassador a month before, to be visible and book an event.

  • Sylwester Suszek

    I have dedicated last 2 years of my life & career to Bitcoin. Co-founder of the biggest polish exchange Bitbay.net to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream.

  • Marek Skonieczny

    When I realize how a fiat money system works and how it is collapsing I was scared, then comes Satoshi Nakamoto and everything becomes history.

  • Bas de Lange

    "My goal is to find a balance between business and scientific approach." Organizer of Bitcoin conferences and oldest Bitcoin Meet-up in the Netherlands.

  • Anna Treska-Siwon

    Graphic Design Teacher at Tischner European University. If there is a night without a moon I paint one.

  • Veritas Sapere

    "The power of bitcoin is a choice." Bitcoin enthousiast // Crypto Miner // Decentralization // VP Business Development

  • Boaz Bechar

    Founder and CAO at BlockTrail - A platform for cryptocurrency analytics, intelligence - A platform for #bitcoin

  • Farid Rostami

    "Ik heb een infographic gemaakt over de verwachte groei van Bitcoin in het jaar 2016.

  • Anonymous

    Knowledge is free. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

  • Wojciech Syruc

    "I became a huge enthusiast of blockchain technologies. Eagerly waiting for the changes that the future might bring with these tools."

  • Joachim de Koning

    Decentralization can be a tool to work parallel to centralization. Founder of Internet of Coins and Lands of Sheraga

  • Willson Lee

    Be the change you want to see in the world. Isn’t popularity the key to consistent growth of its value?

  • Jacob Smith

    Bitmain, based in Beijing China, is the world's leading producer of bitcoin mining hardware and ASIC chips.


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Are you seeking a reliable source of information on Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies? Bitcoin press room – helping the media to reach the right person/expert to interview about crypto currency.

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Are you seeking a reliable source of information on Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies?
Bitcoin Press Room – helping the media to reach the right person/expert to interview, or check crypto - facts on a story you write. Bitcoin Embassy will act as incubator for promising start-ups.

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